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1 - 228mm x 178mm
2 - 195mm x 225mm


12 + 1 (cover)


logo, website, weeks,
public holidays,
school holidays,
lunar calendar
& hijrah calendar

228mm x 178mm

195mm x 225mm

Concept 01 / Streets of Asia

Streets of Asia showcased the best of street culture that Asia has to offer.
Join us to escape the bustling cities of the world, and delve deeper into local
cultural experiences in the journey through the most iconic treasures in this
stunning masterpiece.

Concept 02 / Carved by Nature

Carved by Nature is a stunning, but potentially dangerous sight. Earth is
more bizarre than you can ever imagine. For this concept, we illuminate some
of the world's strangest sights human had ever encountered for 2021.

Concept 03 / Protect Our Planet

Protect Our Planet is an artistic representation of the unaccounted value of
nature. Planet Earth is now experiencing its sixth mass extinction event, and
we took upon ourselves to illustrate all of the events.

Concept 04 / Plastic Ocean

Plastic in the ocean, or we called it Plastic Ocean is a problem but, we can do
something about it. Our collection of illustrations in this concept is to spread
awareness on the importance of reducing single-plastic consumption to
protect the ecosystem from massive destruction.

Concept 05 / Building Better Mental Health

Building Better Mental Health is a crucial aspect of our lifestyle.
Your mental health influences many parts of your day-to-day life; from how you
feel to how you think, and your ability to cope with stress.
It impacted your professional and personal relationship, productivity and agility,
without you even realizing it.

Concept 06 / Boundless Imagination

From the inventor of the renowned e=mc2 relativity formula to
first-ever inventors to ever succeeded at inventing a practical aeroplane,
Boundless Imagination is a dedication of appreciation to the world's best
scientist in history.

Concept 07 / Childhood Games

These well-known games are commonly celebrated and cherish upon during
our youth, the good old'days! Join us to walk down the memory lane with
Childhood Games; our interpretation of childhood reminiscences, and relive those
good and bad trips.

Concept 08 / Four Seasons

Four Seasons capture the colourful nature at its best. Cycle through the
seasons with a celebration of the earth's delicate patterns through times.
Pastel hues and lovely greenery uplift your spirits and bring a newfound
appreciation for nature.

Concept 09 / Festival

Discover fascinating celebration and traditions from all around the world
with Festival. Clean and colourful presentation to awaken your wanderlust,
join us in exploring the many rites and revelry of various cultures across the

Concept 10 / Crossing Borders

A concept that centres on drone photography; featuring breathtaking
bird's eyeshot to capture an intercontinental atmosphere. Clean and professional
layout, this concept invokes a sense of adventure and bringing forward the
stylish flair to any desk.

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